The Move: Tackling the Office

Mandy and I are in the thick of packing at this point. This weekend we decided to tackle the office. We’ve already packed the greater part of our library, so the office consisted of filing papers that we had procrastinated on filing and packing various audio CDs, along with computer manuals and PC games. Add to this a healthy amount of random junk, and we had a busy two days. At the end of this weekend, the office is mostly packed, with a few important exceptions (our shredder remains unpacked, for instance).

I’m very pleased we’ve been able to stay “on schedule” for getting packed. Next weekend we tackle the living room and dining room. From there, the last weekend we live in this apartment we’ll pack up what we can of our bedroom and kitchen, and then take care of the rest of our stuff over the couple days that I’m off work before we leave. Although I am happy, the state of disarray that our apartment is currently experiencing does not comfort me. I do not like my personal space feeling so disjointed and chaotic. Perhaps this can give me greater insight into Canaanite creation myths – or maybe not.

The truly exciting thing about this move is to be able to get back into schooling. In addition, I’m hoping that God allows me to find employment in the form of youth ministry while Mandy and I sojourn in the fields of Boston. We’ll have to wait and see. I have two interviews scheduled for the week after we move up. There is the possibility of a third as well, so God is certainly providing opportunities, time will tell how these opportunities pan out.


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