The Wii and Games

As many of you know I consider myself to be a gamer. I hardly fall into the “hardcore” crowd. Halo 3 holds little, if any, power over me. I am, first and foremost, an RPG gamer. That means that the next Suikoden release, or anything from Tri-Ace is enough to start my mouth watering. I’m also a sucker for anything that Tetsuya Nomura puts out. Secondly, I am a group gamer. I love multiplayer games, preferably the kind that can be played in my living room with a group of friends.

Mandy and I picked up a Wii back in January, mainly for the multiplayer aspects and the innovative control scheme. I’ve been very pleased with the purchase. I wanted to outline the games I’m looking forward to as well as list some of my hopes for the Wii. Let it be known before I go any further that I am no Nintendo fanboy. I own a PS2 and still get about equal playtime on it compared to the Wii.

Games I’m looking forward to:
1. Dragon Quest Swords – This goes at the top of my list because Dragon Quest VIII on the PS2 was a truly great game. Yes, it was hard. I yelled at my TV on multiple occasions, but it was a great game. My hopes for Swords are high. I’m hoping that with an “on-rails” Dragon Quest the magic can still happen, and the story can still be engaging. If that’s the case, then I’ll be a happy camper.
2. Super Smash Brothers: Brawl – The original Smash Brothers on the N64 gave my brothers and I countless hours of fun. I’m hoping to re-live some of that fun with Mandy, friends, and hopefully my brothers when they come to visit or I visit them.
3. Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: The Crystal Bearers – Those in the know are telling fans to expect great things from the Crystal Bearers. I’ve been disappointed in some recent Final Fantasy entries (I’m looking at you, license board!). I can only keep my fingers crossed that The Crystal Bearers is a worthy FF on a Nintendo platform. I’ve heard the original Chrystal Chronicles, on GameCube was great; if you had four GB Advance and as many link cables to take full advantage of the game.
4. Mario Strikers Charged – I’m not a big sports fan, but this game just looks like a ton of fun.

There are other titles I’m interested in, but the above are the ones that I’m hoping to get sometime between now and next summer.

Games I’m hoping for:
1. Kingdom Hearts 3(?) – As I mentioned above, I love Nomura’s stuff. As such I’m a huge fan of the Kingdom Hearts series. It has ensnared me, and I am helpless before its power. I desperately hope that Square-Enix will bring this game to the Wii. It doesn’t have to be the third numbered title. But I want something that’s more than a half baked spin-off. Kingdom Hearts 3, on the Wii? That would make my dreams come true.
2. Something from Bethesda – Let’s face it, when it comes to Western RPGs Bethesda is the place we look to, or at least it is since Black Isle no longer exists. In my mind this is not likely to happen because Bethesda focuses so much on graphics. But I’m pretty sure the Wii could handle Morrowind without a problem. The battle system from Morrowind is destined for the Wii remote. Three types of attack (hack, slash, stab) could be made via swinging the Wii remote and holding B. The shield could be used to block by holding Z and moving the nunchuk up to ones shoulder. If Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix proves that various gestures are easy to use for spell casting we’ve just covered that as well. I really want this.
3. Any other RPG – As an RPG gamer, I want some of the major RPG companies to show some love to Nintendo. I’m not asking them to recreate the golden days of the SNES, but some IP exclusive on the Wii would be great, or if not exclusive, at least including the Wii.

Will any of my hopes come true? Possibly. I think #3 is the most likely, followed by #1 (Kingdom Hearts markets to young teens, which everyone thinks is who buys Nintendo consoles and Disney recently opened a special Wii and DS development lab), and finally #2.

Of course, if any of this does happen its not like I’ll be able to play them. I will not have the time, being in seminary. It’s also unlikely I’ll have the money since textbooks are far more important. But, one can dream, no?


One thought on “The Wii and Games

  1. Yeah, I hope KH3 comes to Wii too 🙂

    With all the rumors, speculations, etc. it might just come out for Wii! But I want #3, not anything else.

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