It’s Monday morning. I’ve just finished catching up on my blog feeds and am preparing to get started with my todo list for the day. Yesterday Mandy and I just read and played video games. It was very cool to just relax and not worry about packing. It was the first time in about six weeks that she and I just relaxed. As the move gets closer I’m getting more and more stressed. We’ve still got packing to do, and only a few days left to do it in. We’ve got to load everything in the truck on Thursday, and then get safely up to South Hamilton on Friday. In addition, and this is really the hard part, I am leaving some really good friends behind. It’s harder each time I say goodbye to someone else. Being incredibly emotional does not make it easy to pack. So Mandy and I are trying to kick back and relax as much as we can. I’ve taken it easy so far this morning. Now its time for me to go do some work.


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