Moved in

Well, Mandy and I are here. I just want to go on the record as saying that I hate MA and Binghamton was infinitely better – which is saying something!

The apartment is great! It’s bigger than we had thought it would be, and that makes for an easier time moving stuff in and getting unpacked. Our parents helped us move in, but both sets are now gone. Mandy’s left Saturday morning and mine left this morning. I’m sort of emotional right now. Mandy and I are, quite literally, alone. We know no one. Our friends are half a day away, and our families are further. I do not like this situation at all. I miss my family all ready, and I’ve been reduced to tears (the bent over sobbing kind) four times today! Not only about family, but about friends, about being alone, about hating this area. God is taking me on quite the journey here.

To top it off I just found out that Geico, our insurance company, doesn’t insure in MA. This means that I’m about ready to scream, pack everything up, and move somewhere that people can actually exist, as opposed to this damn black hole known as Massachusetts. At the same time, I know that I need to give myself some time to get unpacked, adjust, make friends, and find new insurance. So, your prayers for my emotional help are very much appreciated, as well as for Mandy and her longsuffering with me. I’ve never needed her to have long nostrils more than I do now.


3 thoughts on “Moved in

  1. Progressive doesn’t insure in MA. Nor do Nation Wide, Allstate, State Farm, or any other national company. Massachusetts apparently sets the insurance rates, not insurance companies. In addition they have some other weird laws. So its pretty much only local companies that insure for vehicles.

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