On Youth Pastors and Age

There is a pretty decent post over at Rethinking Youth Ministry about the age of youth pastors. I think Brian hits the nail on the proverbial head when he says that its not so much about age as about motivation. Having said that, I’m biased since I am young (22) and had my first paid youth ministry job at the age of 17. I certainly made mistakes, but I’m not prepared to say that what I did was against God’s will or that it was a Bad Idea™.

I agree with the quoted post over at Rethinking Youth Ministry, youth pastors often develop large egos, huge ideas about what they are entitled to, and generally fall into the same traps about numbers and size and growth that their senior pastor counter parts fall into. I have a feeling that over the next three years God is going to teach me a lot about what it means to truly pastor students. I think that I’m going to walk a journey that is going to be difficult for me as I learn to minister in the way I’ve been saying I want to for the past several years. It will be an adventure.


2 thoughts on “On Youth Pastors and Age

  1. I still say that a role of youth pastor is creepy and completely outdated… but I’m very excited for you and hope that you’ll change my mind after attending gcts

  2. Calvin,
    I appreciate your thoughts on this. I started youth ministry around the age of 23. I can tell you that I approach ministry quite a bit differently now at age 41 than I did then. But I still feel I did fine work then (and learned by making lots of mistakes!) and I know I touched the lives of some of the students and shared the gospel message as best I knew how. I think there is space in the church for youth ministers both young and not-so-young and we can learn from one another. Keep at it!

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