Living on the Northshore

Another post of a personal nature today. I know I’ve decreased the number of posts to my blog and the like. A variety of reasons go into this. First, I’ve had little to post about because I haven’t been reading as much. Second, life is still stabilizing for me, so a lot of posts would be along the lines of “same as yesterday.” Anyway, that’s not the point of this post.

Mandy and I have been living here in the Northshore area for a little over two weeks. Since my last post I’ve pretty much just relaxed, kicked back, and enjoyed life. Someone managed to talk me into playing on a Ragnarok online server, located here. It’s a pretty fun game, and worth taking a few minutes to play every now and again if you are into RPGs, Anime, or MMOs.

Today Mandy and got the chance to hang out with some of the teens from the youth ministry again after church. We ended up at Zumi’s, which is a little cafe in Ipswich. Pretty cool. I think Marty’s Iced Coffee was better though. I also feel like I’m finally getting organized with the youth ministry and all. The church treasurer gave me a copy of the annual report today, as well as a church directory. I’ve read through the annual report and it has helped to give me more of an idea on what the youth ministry has done in the past. In addition to this I setup a meeting with the senior pastor, Glenn, and with one of the ladies who helps with the youth ministry. So hopefully, after these meetings, I’ll have a better idea of where the youth ministry has been, and where the short term plan is for it to go.

Also today, Mandy and I met with my Uncle Dave and Aunt Sharon who were in the area doing some touristy things while one of my cousins was at a camp. We swung by the Applebee’s in Danvers and had dinner. It was good getting to see some family. I won’t see them again until New Years, but it was, nevertheless, a bit of fresh air to get to eat with some people we knew. Now if only I can talk my grandma into coming and visiting next summer!


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