Another Personality Test

I know I take plenty of silly online tests and post them here. You will, alas, have to deal with at least one more:
My personalDNA Report

I was informed of this test via a post by Brian over at Rethinking Youth Ministry. I have to say that I’m not sure I agree with Brian’s assessment that many introverts go into ministry. Most of the people in ministry that I have met are far more extroverted than me (and according to that personality test, I’m pretty extroverted). In fact, I think I have only met one true introvert in the ministry. Given, I think he was a great pastor (hats off to you Stan), but he’s the only introvert I’ve known in ministry.

As for the test itself…I’m torn. It was fun to take. I think they managed to get some things right about me. But I’m not sure I’d say I’m an “experiencer.” I also think I might have a little less extroversion and a bit more openness. I’m also nothing short of amazed that my agency (the belief that you control your own destiny) is so high. I’m also here to go on the record as saying my there is no way my attention to style is that high. Okay, so I guess the only things they actually got right, in my opinion, are Extroversion (if it would have been 15 points lower it would have been perfect), Empathy (probably right on), and Authoritarianism (very, very low).

Aside from those three, I think everything else is a bit off. Perhaps confidence isn’t too far off. Also, perhaps the Functional and Imaginative aren’t too far off either. So I don’t know, meh. It was fun at least. I’d be curious to hear some of your thoughts on whether this is an accurate picture of me.


3 thoughts on “Another Personality Test

  1. This test, while fun, as you said, was probably the least accurate of any personality test I have taken.

    On the introverts in ministry topic, I really have know more introverts in ministry (both pastors and missionaries) than extraverts. One thing that can be misleading is that pastors (like a very introverted doctor I know) are fine with speaking up front and also do well interacting one on one with people. They have a harder time mingling in large groups. I have heard a church member complain about how unsocial and distant their pastor is at the dinner after church.

    On top of being introverted, the pastor has just poured his heart into a sermon and his energy into sharing his heart with everyone.

    Now that I think about it more clearly, the extraverts in ministry have typically been youth pastors and women’s ministry leaders. The pastors and missionaries were more frequently introverts. The missionary statistics might not be representative, because they were mainly involved in Bible translation, which tends to attract more scholarly, introverted types (not that extraverts can’t be scholarly, of course!)

  2. I think I would still assert that many pastors, including most that I went to seminary with, tended to be more introvertish than extrovertish. This is not to say that they were on the extremes of the scale one way or the other. To be an introvert does not mean that one is shy. It means that you draw energy from privacy and quiet. Often when I tell people I’m an introvert, they think I’m crazy. How can I be an introvert if I lead youth group and teach classes and get up and preach and lead worship every Sunday. I can certainly do all that but it takes a lot out of me and then I need time away from people, to myself, where I can re-energize my batteries. The extrovert is the opposite. He she draws energy from being around others and feels drained by spending too much time alone. Just some thoughts.

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