The Wikiklesia Project

It’s entirely possible that by now many of you have heard of the Wikiklesia Project. I wanted to mention it here in case anyone hasn’t yet seen it. It’s an incredibly cool concept, and I’ve had the opportunity to be one of the authors for the first volume. The e-book goes on sale at on Monday, July 23rd. The e-book will sell for $14.95, with all proceeds going to the Not for Sale campaign. A paperback version will also become available sometime in August for $19.95.

As far as who should pick up the book (in either e-book or paperback format), I’d say that if you’re reading this blog there is a good chance you would receive benefit from reading the book. In particular pastors (of any kind; youth, senior, associate, whatever) and lay leaders will, I believe, find a lot to generate ideas and discussion in the book. I’m extremely excited because I’ve had the opportunity to contribute alongside people such as Scot Mcknight and Andrew Jones as well as many others who have contributed their time and thoughts to making this project a reality. I’d encourage you to take a look at all of the authors here. If you’re in the ministry or have an interest in discussions about Christianity, the Church and technology I think that the book is well worth picking up and taking a look at. I am very excited about the book, and I hope that it is able to generate a great amount of dialog regarding the topics it addresses.


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