A Great Weekend

This past weekend Earl and Florrie (and check out some of her artwork here) came to visit Mandy and I. Mandy and I really enjoyed having them visit. It was great to see our friends, and it made our place here in MA feel a little more like home. I actually really miss them now that they’ve returned to Binghamton (which they did on Sunday, I’ve just been delinquent in posting).

On Saturday we went and checked out some of the art museums in Boston. I’m not a huge art fan, though I do enjoy sculpture and landscapes. Carvings can also be pretty cool, as can pretty much any Asian or Near Eastern art. At any rate, we went to the Gardner Art Museum, which was pretty cool. The architecture of the building alone is quite interesting. The house (which is what the building originally was) is built around a central courtyard that houses a stunning garden. The building is four stories, and the first three house some truly remarkable art. My favorite pieces (outside of the garden) were the stained glass found in the Gothic room and in an area that was basically a recreated chapel. Although the admission was a bit pricey ($12) I enjoyed walking around the building, and as a huge plus it was air conditioned!

After we finished at the Gardner we took the Red Line over the Harvard and went to the Fogg museum. This basically houses a collection of European and American art, mostly of the portrait (the majority) or still life variety. However, there was one stunning landscape of the American West that I really enjoyed, as well as an interesting picture depicting Saint Francis receiving the stigmata. There was also a very interesting “light machine” in an attached museum (the Busch-Reisinger). Although we got a bit wet trying to get back to the subway station the trip was a blast overall. We even found out we have a Chik-Fil-A in this area, above cool!

Sometime in the future Mandy and I are hoping to get down to Boston to see the Harvard Semitic Museum. We’d also be open to any other suggestions people may have for sights to see in Boston. I should add that I have little to no desire to see the Red Sox play; however I would be willing to entertain such an idea if I was seeing the game with some friends.

All in all, an excellent weekend.


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