Another Great Weekend

Last weekend Earl and Florrie visited and Mandy and I had a really good time. This weekend has been great in a different way. This Friday Mandy and I took care of a few errands and then relaxed. I put in a couple hours playing Tales of the Abyss on the PS2, and we watched an episode of Stargate SG-1. We’re actually rewatching the entire series from season 1, which is quite an undertaking but gives us a fun thing to do together. So Friday was relaxing and fun.

Saturday was much the same, except we baked several loaves of Amish Friendship bread. It may sound weird, but I really enjoy just baking with Mandy. We get to talk about a variety of things and otherwise enjoy ourselves. Then, when the bread comes out of the oven it is warm and tastes that much better (because we had to work to make it?). I spread a bit of butter on it and savor the taste that somehow reminds me of days spent at grandma’s (read: MeMe’s) house. Mandy also talked me into playing a bit of Magic: The Gathering on Saturday. It’s a lot of fun. I’d forgotten how satisfying a strategy game coupled with the chance of the draw can be. Our decks are a bit behind the times. The latest set we have is TimeSpiral, and I believe Tenth Edition was recently released. It’s far too expensive for Mandy and I to stay current at this point in time, but we might be able to pick up the odd booster pack or theme deck on occasion. I find myself wondering if any of the teens from the youth ministry play MTG. We finished off Saturday by watching Pride & Prejudice. A truly great movie, and a better book.

Sunday has been quite good so far. Today was the first Sunday of the month so, with countless other non-liturgical churches across America, we took communion. Although I would really love it if we took communion every Sunday, I am happy to at least have the opportunity once a month. Other than that Mandy and I have spent the day relaxing – which is great. I may try to play a little more in Tales of the Abyss today, which is turning out to be a very cool game.


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