On being a High-C

Those of you who are familiar with the DISC profile will know what a High-C is. For those who have not had the pleasure of taking DISC, let me explain: DISC is basically a leadership style/personality profile based on a continuum of four traits.
Based on your answers you are given a certain number of points in each category. Your single highest category for points is your dominate trait. For me, I’m a High-C (with a healthy dose of D, or maybe beyond healthy at times). This means that I’m very organized. I’m actually anal, to be honest. Everything has to have it’s place and I have to have a plan. Oh, to be sure, the plan can change – but it has to exist.

I just realized this week how in some ways I need to be less of a C when it comes to youth ministry. I’m not saying I shouldn’t be organized. I actually think my organization is a great trait to have in youth ministry. But as a high C my first instinct when I think of a new idea for the youth ministry is to organize it – and thus, perhaps, remove some of the opportunity for the Spirit to work. My first thought is to plot it on a calendar (when will we do it? Where? Is there a cost?), create a catchy name for it, make it a recurring event if it’s applicable, create some publicity materials, etc. I’m not saying any single one of these things is a sin. In fact, the opposite, considering how much something will cost is probably a very good idea – and the church treasurer will thank you. But I’m not talking about for large events or trips. The thought I had this week was that maybe getting some of the students together for prayer would be a good idea. I immediately wondered what day of the week we could do it on, what we could name it, what a logo might look like for the event, and a host of other things. Then I stopped. I realized that I was making it way too complicated. We’re talking about prayer. As the Body of Christ we should be praying, and we should set aside time for prayer, but that doesn’t mean I need to institutionalize the time and make it into our once a week or once a month “prayer event.” Why couldn’t such a thing spring more naturally from a desire to pray, like it might in a family environment? Sure, letting people know what time and where we’re going to gather to pray would be a needed thing – but it doesn’t just need to go on a calendar, it can be more spontaneous than that.

Of course, I’m not saying putting it on a calendar is an evil thing. I’m saying that for me, with my already hyper-organized way of doing things, it’s okay to take a step back and let things be a little messy once in a while. Perhaps a prayer time might evolve into a regular recurring “event” (the word just seems not to apply to this though), but there is no reason to rush to that point. I want to take it slow and just be the family of God with one another.


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