Just over three weeks

It is now just over three weeks before classes start at Gordon Conwell. I’m extremely excited. I still don’t know what textbooks all my classes will be using, which is a little frustration. Still, History of Liturgy, Intermediate Hebrew Grammar, Exegesis in 1 & 2 Samuel, Anthropology and Basic Greek 1! Sometimes I think about those classes, especially the History of Liturgy and Exegesis course, and I can barely keep it in. Now, I really need to continue reviewing Hebrew vocabulary to make sure that I pass that Hebrew Proficiency exam.


2 thoughts on “Just over three weeks

  1. I’m feeling just as giddy for WTS to start. I already emailed some of my friends who have already taken the courses I am taking this semester to get their notes and read over them. Glad to know I’m not that only nerd around!

  2. No doubt! Mandy is taking Akkadian, and she switches between giddy excitement, and moments of “what have I gotten myself into?” It’s quite fun to watch. 😉

    I really want to find those text books though! I could already have a couple polished off if I knew what books they were.

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