Advent Celebration

As I promised in a comment on this post, I am posting some information on what we’re going to do this December with our youth ministry as a celebration of Advent. The goal of the event is to help students to realize that there is more to Christmas than giving and receiving stuff. We want to do this by helping them connect with God, and also helping them to realize that Advent celebrations happened long before Christmas became quite as commercialized as it is today.

The schedule for the event will look something like this (I should note at this point that everything is very tentative and subject to change):

  • Scripture Reading, Candle Lighting, Responsive Reading (10 Minutes)
  • Prayer Stations (15 minutes)
  • These two will repeat three times, changing the reading, lighting the next candle and asking students to rotate to a new prayer station (there will be a total of four).
  • We will close the night by taking Holy Communion

The context of the comment on my other post was that we would be doing worship with students that didn’t really include singing. However, I wouldn’t be opposed to some suggestions on how to include singing in this format. We aren’t sure on exactly what the four prayer stations will be. However, we’ve thought about the idea of using some of the ones listed over on Specifically the Paint a Psalm (perhaps modified to include some Gospel passages as well) and Light of Faith stations. I’ve also personally been thinking about the idea of doing a station that includes various Advent prayers from Christian sects throughout history.

I’m am extremely interested on suggestions for how to go about this. If anyone has done anything similar I’d be happy to hear success (or failure) stories. Any other thoughts would also be appreciated.


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