The results are in…

…and I passed my Hebrew Proficiency Exam! Intermediate Hebrew Grammar, here I come! Exegesis in 1 and 2 Samuel – get ready!

I’m really quite excited about it. It’s a huge amount of stress taken care of, conquered as it where. In hindsight I realize that surely I approached the dreaded exam with the tenacity of a Greek Phalanx rushing down upon the unsuspecting Persian soldiers. Of course, this is only in hindsight. Last night I was nearly reduced to a weeping mound of flesh. But no more of this! As an aside, for those who are interested, the passages we had to translate were Genesis 9:8-17 and Genesis 3.1-6. The second passage was, for me, less stressing.

I now await the results of my Old Testament and New Testament Competency exams. If I should fail these, I will be displeased and convinced at the end that my undergraduate education was for naught.

I’ve some other thoughts about what I’m learning of Gordon-Conwell. But they will have to wait. I need to finish preparing for our Wednesday night youth event. Oh! and I’m teaching Lectio Divina this Sunday to a group of teenagers, very exciting!


2 thoughts on “The results are in…

  1. Congrats man. That’s exciting stuff.

    I remember during my Hebrew placement exam, we translated Joshua 9.1-7 and Judges 3.1-14. I remember being glad that they picked historical narrative instead of poetry.

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