I’ve been having a blast over the past couple days translating various sections of the Hebrew Bible. First I had to tackle 1 Sam 1, which was fun. It took me a while to get through all 28 verses as it’s been quite a while since I had to translate passages of any length. Today I spent time translating most of Micah 1 (still have about four verses to go). I’ve always been told that Hebrew Poetry is complex, but aside from Hannah’s song in 1 Sam 2, I haven’t had the opportunity to translate much myself. That has all changed now since my Intermediate Hebrew Grammar course with Dr. Stuart is basically translating Micah. I can’t wait to figure out if my translation is even close to what it should be. I mean, I know I’ve parsed things correctly, but putting the various verbs and nouns together into something that makes sense is a bit more difficult.

Alas, now I have some reading and parsing to do for Greek before I tackle a bit of reading for History of Liturgy.


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