Studying for Greek

So I’ve spent today working on some youth ministry stuff. I’m very excited about a lot of it, but I still need to do a little more thinking before I’m reading to begin sharing my ideas with the world. Still, be looking for something eventually, assuming I get the time to post about it.

At present I’m studying for my Greek I exam tomorrow. I know the Article Paradigm, ειμι (sorry, don’t have breathing marks figured out on my keyboard yet) paradigm, and the alphabet down pat. I think I know how to identify various types of adjectives. I understand how prepositions work, at least as much as I am supposed to at this point. I know all the vocab I need to. I’ve reread chapters 1-9 (what the exam covers) multiple times. I can identify the gender, number, and case of most nouns without a problem, and the ambiguous ones I’m normally able to identify with the help of the article. I know the Greek diphthongs, In short, I know what I’m supposed to know for this test. But if I do – why am I still nervous and why do I feel like I’m certain to fail? Either way, my feelings are a far cry from what they were a few weeks back.


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