Homosexuality and Christianity

Scot Mcknight has been having an incredible series of posts on his blog about “ex-gays.” It’s a truly excellent conversation. Recently, a reader shared his story. I think that this anonymous reader has some great things to say, and his idea of love is exactly what we, as Christians, need to have. I found many of his thoughts truly insightful, and I’ll be watching the comments on Scot’s blog to see how the conversation progresses.


3 thoughts on “Homosexuality and Christianity

  1. i have absolutely no idea what “god” has to do with homosexuality – can you explain? i neither agree nor disagree with the writers statements – i think they are all up to him. i am just unsure how “god” has any decision or design in ones sexuality.

  2. Well, if God is creator (that is, he makes humans) as most Christians believe, than it serves to reason that he has some hand in all aspects of being human – including sexuality. Obviously, if one doesn’t believe that God creates humans, than I can completely understand your confusion.

  3. forgot to tell you that McKnight’s blog was very interesting. I especially appreciated the concept of letting the individual decide, through guidance of the HS, for them self if they need to change their sexual orientation or just swear off sex all together for a while.

    I really am sick of homophobia and Christians saying ‘hate the sin, not the sinner’ and then turn around and talk about how ‘disgusting’ and ‘perverted’ or ‘repulsive’ the homosexuals lifestyle is. To call their friends ‘fags’ or ‘homos’ in degrading manners and generally mock anything outside their narrow, ignorant perspective on life.

    I really think it takes a lot of courage and faith for a homosexual to try to worship Jesus despite the conservative’s best efforts to alienate them.

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