Perhaps I’m not crazy

I just happened to find this post over at Ancient Hebrew Poetry. I highly recommend you take a moment to read it. John Hobbins is saying exactly what I think needs to be said: we need Biblical scholarship (and thus, language study) at the parish level. Specifically, we need to be teaching it to students (read: teenagers).

As someone within the youth ministry sphere I’m still trying to work out what this looks like. Where does such a language program “fit” within the structure of youth ministries? What does a parish language program look like in the first place? What textbooks, if any, are suitable? There are a number of other questions that need answering as well. Nevertheless, I think this is something that the youth ministry blogosphere, and the youth ministry world, needs to pursue. But I think, since most youth pastors are woefully ignorant of the biblical languages, that it needs to be pursued in partnership with the biblioblogosphere, or more generally, those who are not woefully ignorant of the biblical languages.

I am an analytical type of person. I want specific questions regarding how we go about teaching Hebrew and Greek to students to be answered. But, I also think we need to simply start doing it. To be completely honest, I’m just excited at the moment because what I have felt and wanted to do for so long is not something unique to myself. There is actually at least one other person out there who is crazy enough to think that teaching Hebrew and Greek, in a church setting, to teenagers, is doable and not only doable but something that should be done!


2 thoughts on “Perhaps I’m not crazy

  1. No, not so crazy. I have discussed teaching a class to interested adults (or teens) at our church. Perhaps one result of this would be that it would push pastors to keep up their own Hebrew (or acquire it anew). What better motivation to keep on your toes than to have your own congregation pushing the biblical language bar higher and higher.

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