Back to the grind

Well, maybe not entirely. There are still about three weeks before classes start, but Mandy and I are back from visiting friends and family over the holidays. We’re going to attempt to enjoy the few weeks of relaxation before the semester gears back up again.

Our trip went well overall, and it was nice seeing Earl and Florrie, as well as both sides of the family. It really stinks to be so far from family, and Earl is going to be going to grad school/seminary next year, so he’ll be even further away. I’ve tried talking him into GCTS, but in all honesty it isn’t the school for him. Goodness, the conservatism here is making me more liberal. The thought of what it would do to Earl is horrific. As an aside, I sometimes wonder why Mandy and I are here at Gordon-Conwell, and then I remember – 1. Money (she’s basically going free), 2. it’s a real school (that is to say, academically it is robust and well-known), 3. It has turned out real scholars in the past, and the only other seminary that has turned out real female scholars in any number is Fuller – and that was way too far for our tastes.

So, Gordon-Conwell remains the correct choice for Mandy and I, but it can be extremely frustrating at times. I really need to find whatever liberal remnant is hanging out silently here and hook up.


6 thoughts on “Back to the grind

  1. ‘The thought of what it would do to Earl is horrific.’

    haha, I wanted to argue with that statement because I didn’t think I was all that liberal (when viewed in the larger picture). I keep looking at Fuller and I like it more and more (assuming I can take more advanced classes on the basis of my 4 systematic theo classes in my undergrad).

    I really think GCTS is a good fit for you, btw.

  2. In the big picture you aren’t all that liberal. You’re just slightly more liberal than me, but GCTS has this uncanny ability to push me more left. You, I think, would run left. Which isn’t necessarily a bad thing, I guess.

    I’m curious as to why you think GCTS is a good fit though? A good fit for us as a couple? I can see that, to some extent. They have a degree for both Mandy and I, and they’re giving us money. I like that. But I can think of about 5 schools that I think would be a better fit for me. Fuller being one of them, if it wasn’t so far from family.

  3. I was going to welcome you back to the blogging world, but then you went on this crazy “I want to be a heretic” rant… Bah! I’m kidding of course.

    I’m glad you enjoyed your holiday time, and were able to hook up with Earl. If you ever get the desire to end up in the middle of nowhere, you can come visit me in Watertown, and spend some time in the Adirondacks. Liberals like trees, right? 😉

  4. Hey man,
    My name is Josh and I am considering Gordon for the MDiv with an emphasis in Biblical languages. Will you share with me the pros and cons of your experience so far, maybe your reasons for choosing GC, and any advice you would have. Thanks so much.

    My email is

    God bless, Josh

  5. In what ways is it too conservative for you? Just curious. Have you looked at Biblical in Pennsylvania — a very emergent/missional-friendly school (can’t go wrong with John Franke there).

  6. David,

    The best way to talk about how it’s too conservative might be to direct you to a more recent post.

    I have looked at Biblical. It’s a very good school. I actually have a friend who looked into it very, very seriously. Mandy (my wife) and I were actually looking into it very seriously before deciding on GCTS. The main factors were that she wants to go on for doctoral work at some point, and Biblical just did not offer the plethora of languages that GCTS does. In addition, Biblical’s M.Div. program was almost entirely English, whereas GCTS has allowed me the opportunity to continue pursuing the languages. There were other issues as well, we received a grant at GCTS that covers Mandy’s entire tuition, for instance.

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