Mark Goodacre on the Gospels

Mark Goodacre has a link up at his blog to a YouTube Video of part of a program that he participated in some years ago. There were several quotes that I liked from the 8 minute clip. At one point, Mark points out that it’s really not an either/or issue of the gospels either having no history in them, or having history but lacking “spin.” Obviously, plenty of other people have said the same thing, but I still think it’s worthwhile to point out at every chance I get, mostly because of the circles I walk in. The Gospels can be the gospels and still be a bit doctored by each author. Second, near the end, the host comes to the conclusion that you can’t read the gospels as literal, objective history because they weren’t meant to be read that way. In addition, he says that doing so would make one miss the point as much as taking the Old Testament literally. What’s somewhat amusing to me is that he states the bit about the Hebrew Bible as if it’s a well established fact, which it is — for most people on the planet, again though, in the circles I walk, things aren’t so…established.


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