A Movie worth seeing

Mandy and I had a date last night. Nothing overly outlandish, just dinner and a movie. We went to see Juno, and I highly recommend you see it if it’s in your area. It’s distributed by Fox Searchlight. It has some language, and there are one or two scenes that might offend the more prudish among the readers of this blog. However, the movie has a certain realism about it that is rarely seen in Hollywood flicks. The teen characters, although played by actors and actresses barely still teenagers themselves, behave as one would expect teens to behave.

The plot of the movie revolves around the titular character, Juno – a sixteen year old girl who ends up pregnant after having sex once with a close friend. From this starting point the movie strolls along through the three seasons as we watch Juno deal with this rather large disruption to business as usual. The movie touches on same great themes, has some amazing comedic moments, and made a great movie for Mandy and I to see before dinner, because there was so much to talk about afterwards. It’ll definitely be one I get on DVD.


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