I have lost…

…all faith in the human race. This article is the worst piece of so-called journalism I have seen in a very long time. It is filled with fear-mongering. It is filled with bad research. Wait. Scratch that. It is filled with a lack of research. Yes, that’s correct. The research descended so far into the negative that it, in fact, wrapped around so that it was able to fill something. With nothingness. The end of days approaches.

But, in more serious terms, this guy has no idea what he is talking about. Mass Effect is not some sex simulator. I mean…the very idea is amazingly idiotic. It’s the same old rhetoric. Video games are evil. You can have sex with a grapefruit. They are designed to make our young boy want to have sex with a grapefruit. We all know that grapefruits are gay. Video games make men into homosexual pedophile rapists! It’s happening in your home! HIDE YOUR GRAPEFRUITS FROM YOUR TEENAGE SONS! But, ya know, don’t actually be a parent and look at the rating of a game.

Now, I know parents are busy. I know many parents don’t enjoy video games so they aren’t going to play them to see what is in them. That’s fine. I understand. But parents do have a responsibility to look at the ratings of games. I also think that stores like EBGames need to get their act together and ID younger people trying to buy M rated games. But what parents do not need is articles like the one linked above. All it does is create irrational fear. Again, Mass Effect is NOT a sex simulator. It has a sex scene. It is rated M. Is your child under 17? Do you not want them to see that scene? Do not allow them to play Mass Effect. I know, I know. There is the worry that they could go to a friend’s house and see it. They could also see porn at a friend’s house. The possibility exists that they might smoke a cigarette at a friend’s house. Yet no one is storming down the tobacco companies saying that they are attempting to kill off our young people. I realize that there were lawsuits in the past. I realize that things are not exactly equal. I’m simply pointing out that video games are not an insidious evil.

In the end though, what do I know? I’m a libertarian, and a gamer. I have a strange urge to go find a grapefruit.


One thought on “I have lost…

  1. Oh wow…

    I could only stand to read half of it. I’ve never played Mass Effect (Wii owner soon to be PS3 owner) but I’ve heard it’s biggest set back is a frame-rate issue, not humping.

    I’m sure if it was even anywhere near as bad as this guy is making it out to be that there would be all sorts of “hot coffee-esque” reporting flooding the television and “teh internetz.” Until then I’m gonna go with what the reviews say, reviews that are surprisingly devoid of the issue of humping.

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