Sunday School and Job

Today in Sunday School we covered the prologue to Job. It was a good time, and it’s probably the best lesson I’ve taught so far at IBC. The students seemed to be engaged with the material. Two of the students actually exclaimed at the idea of leaving Job sitting in an ash heap until next week. That’s always a good sign.

I’m also pleased with the layout of the handout I made. I included the text, in translation, and then included comments on certain phrases or words. In that regard it’s laid out somewhat like an English-based commentary–though it doesn’t go verse by verse through each passage. My hope is that students will one day find these hand out laying around and have their memories jogged by them. I realize that may be a bit of a pipe dream, but one can hope. I don’t know exactly how I’m going to format next weeks hand out though. We’re going to attempt to cover the entirety of the first cycle of speeches. The overall plan to to then jump on to Elihu’s monologues, then God’s monologues, then the Epilogue and answer any lingering questions as well as spending some time discussing how all of these relates to teenagers in modern day Massachusetts. Overall I think it will be a good series, not overly in depth, but hopefully enough to help them get their feet wet. Either way, that first section of speeches is a huge chunk of text. I will probably pick out a few interesting sections from each speaker’s remarks and use those to structure the lesson.

Overall, I’m very excited about things. I also have some idea cooking regarding the 30 Hour Famine thing, and the youth ministry in general. We’re closing up our talks on the Primordial History on Wednesday, and talking about Sin, Judgment, and Hope in the modern world.


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