The Ark of the Covenant Found!

If anyone out there has read this story in Time, and is wondering what the facts are, I highly recommend heading over to Blue Cord and finding out.

I know the Ark holds a special place in my heart, as well as Mandy’s, for various reasons:
1. Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark was one of the first movies I was allowed to watch as a child that had a “close your eyes!” moment.
2. As a child I tried several times to find the Biblical passages where beams, or better spirits, came forth from the Ark to visit painful death upon the enemies of the Most High. The aforementioned command to close my eyes was, of course, disregarded.
3. Mandy wrote a paper on the location of the Ark at Davis.
4. Mandy wrote a paper on the Ark Narrative in 1 Samuel 5 last semester. A hint: YHWH beats Dagon.
5. Indiana Jones went to the University of Chicago! Which is the alma mater of another famous archaeologist (Daniel Jackson of Stargate SG-1). This of course increases the possibility of Mandy applying to the University of Chicago by about 5 fold.


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