Fair Trade Ethiopian Harrar

My two favorite coffees in the world are Hawaiian Kona and Ethiopian Harrar. I had a pound of Kona about this time last year that my father got me when he was on a business trip in Hawaii. It was, simply put, amazing. About nine months before that, during the summer of 2006, my then boss Paul and I had tried some Harrar. It was the greatest coffee I had every tasted. The fruity undertones and finish made it almost more like a wine tasting then our normal morning coffee and meeting. Ever since that day I have been trying to obtain some Harrar for myself. It hasn’t been easy. I’ve yet to find a local place (in either Binghamton or the greater Boston area) that sells it. Couple with this my somewhat new (within the last year or two) conviction about buying fair-trade coffee, and the situation becomes even more difficult.

After searching again recently for some Harrar I stumbled upon Providence Coffee. I was amazed when I realized they sold Ethiopian Harrar–and that they had it in stock! I ordered on the spot. Providence Coffee is a small, 100% fair-trade company. My coffee arrived today, and I quickly ground enough to make myself a pot. It was delicious, though I made it slightly stronger than I normally would have; do mostly to my haste and not being careful with how much I ground. Although it took awhile for the product to ship (several days), once it shipped it arrived quickly and plentifully padded and protected. If you are a coffee connoisseur I can recommend Providence Coffee, and specifically their fair-trade Ethiopian Harrar. At some point I hope to try some of their other varieties, though I also have a few other small fair-trade websites I’d like to order from.


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