Hugging banned!

This has to be close to the baggy-pants story I posted on quite a while ago. It might not be quite as stupid, but it comes close.

The basic deal is that hugs over two-seconds long are prohibited at a middle school in Arizona. I understand that people don’t want to see teens making out in the hall ways of school. You might even convince me that such things distract from the education that is supposed to be taking place. Even so, this idea that you can start legislating things like hugging is simply crazy. I’m really curious to see the teachers with the stop watches monitoring the halls ways, “Oh! That was a 2.3 second hug, detention.” I realize that in reality no one is going to do that–but if that’s the case, what will reality be? Three seconds? Four? At what point does setting a time limit to hugging work? I understand the underlying issue, but the rule itself is not meeting that issue. It’s just creating ammunition for jaded bloggers to use for attempted comedy.

I’m tempted to announce a new rule for our youth ministry this Wednesday, “no hugs over 2 seconds,” just to see what responses I get from students. I really would like to sit down and have a conversation with the principle who came up with the 2 second thing.

/me walks off shaking head


5 thoughts on “Hugging banned!

  1. I’ll almost bet money that this rule will be strictly enforced at first to set a precedent then enforcement will fade. It’ll probably be used by schools in a manner similar to how law enforcement uses ‘disturbing the peace’. This also acts as a way of displaying to concerned parents that there are rules to protect their children. I honestly think its a good thing, sorry bro.


  2. Appeasing parents isn’t the job of a school. Perhaps when I’m a parent I’ll think so, but for now I don’t. :-/

    I’m not saying like a rule like this would be a bad thing, but setting an absolutely arbitrary time limit allows the rule to be easily mocked and therefore destroys any semblance of respect the rule may have received. If you read the news story, students had a “hug-a-thon” across the street from the school, and some parents were very supportive of their children taking a stand. It is *that* which I find most interesting.

  3. I say outlaw hugs completely, and instead propagate a system of high fives. Who doesn’t love high fives? I know I do.

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