CBD Warehouse Sale

Today was the CBD Warehouse sale. Mandy and I hauled our butts out of bed this morning and headed to Peabody to see what this thing was all about. We got there about ten minutes after it opened, and next time we’ll be sure to get their ten minutes before it opens. The placed was filled with Gordon-Conwell students, and for good reason. The prices were amazing, and they had some decent stuff: Word commentaries, Anchor Bible, JPS commentary, not to mention the plethora of academic books. Even with being “late,” we managed to get our hands on some incredible deals. Here are some of the more thrilling books we acquired today, in no particular order:

We made off with plenty more swag, but those are the ones I’m most excited about. Mind you, there are plenty of others I’m excited about, but one must set limits somewhere. Now the only question is: where are Mandy and I going to put these books? Our shelves are already full. I suppose we’ll have no choice but to purchase another bookshelf.


4 thoughts on “CBD Warehouse Sale

  1. Nice list! My pastor gave me the all the Anchor Bible Commentaries on the apocryphal books over the summer. I’ve referenced Winston’s volume in relationship to Pete Enns’ dissertation that he wrote on the re-telling of the Exodus narrative in Wisdom of Solomon.

    Jastrow was a nice buy! I had to drop $40 on it last semester for Aramaic. Brenton is also key because the American Bible Society version of the LXX does not include the Greek text of The Prayer of Manasseh. Only Brenton does along with the 10 volume version of Rahlf.

    I can’t wait to live in Boston so I can hit up that sale. How often do they have it? I’ll take a weekend trip to visit my cousins if I’d be able to pick up some cheap books!

  2. I am glad that I could pass along the Anchor text. I felt that it needed a good home. I am glad that you guys enjoyed the sale!

    CBD sales are decreasing in number, but they are currently slated to have three a year. The next sale being in Sept.

  3. Art – Come up in September, maybe we can head out for drinks after the sale or something.

    Adam – I do appreciate you grabbing the AB for me. I haven’t had a chance to look at it very much yet, primarily because of my Aramaic midterm tomorrow.

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