Anyone who has been this blog for a year or longer knows well that I used to dislike Greek. You can read about my strong feelings for the language here. I believe the phrase used those many months ago was “the bane of my existence.” How times have changed.

Within a few short weeks after the post linked above, I was already feeling much better about Greek. Like I had a real handle on it. Doing a simple search for “Greek” on my blog will reveal that this feeling has continued and escalated. In fact, at this point I’d go as far as to say that I love Greek. This is thanks, in no small part, to my TA. I’ll take a small amount of credit because I’ve worked my butt off studying, memorizing vocab and paradigms, translating, etc. I actually get how the verb system works now. Interestingly enough, Jim was right.

As I look back, I realize that I knew Greek before, though I needed to refresh things, but I never felt like I knew it. I wasn’t confident with it. Now I feel confident with it. We’re currently in participles, and although the perfect participle is still giving me some headaches regarding exactly how to translate it with any semblance of aspect intact, it’s not depressingly frustrating. I’m actually planning on registering for Intermediate Greek in Summer I. It’ll be the first summer course I’ve ever taken. But I’d really like to continue studying Greek. This may come as a surprise to some of you, who know I’m into the Hebrew Bible. But let’s think for a moment, there’s the LXX for starters. In addition, Wisdom of Solomon was penned in Greek, and my interests run towards the Wisdom Literature. Leaving aside the fact that I do, in fact, read the New Testament. I’m just having a great time learning languages: Hebrew, Greek, Aramaic, next year Ugaritic, if I can pull a high enough grade in Aramaic I might take Syriac, there are also BTI courses: Rapid Hebrew Reading, Coptic(!), and various seminars.


3 thoughts on “Greek

  1. This all goes to prove one of my theses: Greek can only be hated by those who haven’t spent enough time in it. It’s an acquired taste, but all those with refined palates love it 🙂

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