Trade-ins and Gamestop

So, I decided that I might want to trade in some of my oldish PS2 and DS games to take the top off the price for Super Smash Brothers Brawl. I decided the best way to accomplish this was to give my friendly local Gamestop a call and see what I could get for the games I wanted to trade-in. I called up and talked to a nice employee:

Employee: Hi! Welcome to Gamestop where we buy and sell used games.
NOTE – Ever notice that they don’t actually mention they sell new games as well? Yeah? It’s all part of their plot.
Me: Hi. I wanted to see what the trade-in values were for a couple games.
Employee: I’m sorry, we can’t give out that information over the phone.
Me: Uh…sorry?
Employee: We can’t give out that information over the phone.
Me: So…er….I have to come down to the store to find out if I want to come down to the store to trade in games?
Employee: That’s right. I’m sorry sir.
Me: Thanks. No problem. Have a good one.

Now, I know Gamestop’s plot. If I go to their store, I’m much less likely to just blow off their offers that are incredibly below what I think is acceptable. They want my used games, on their terms. Their system relies on preying upon the weak and defenseless gamer. Well, I have a message for you Gamestop:

You can pry my used games from my cold dead hands.


8 thoughts on “Trade-ins and Gamestop

  1. Last year, I thought that I would try to sell a few games at Gamestop. They offered me 99 cents per game, and considered it generous (no joke). I then packed up all of my games and walked out the door. It would be better to hawk them over the web.

  2. I’ve had an experience similar to parkersmood. I tried to sell a number of Xbox games. They offered me six dollars for the whole lot, so I said “thanks, but no thanks” and walked out.

    Sold them through craigslist for $30.

  3. you guys gotta realize that, gamestop is out to make money for 1. they are a nationwide buisness that provide a service where gamers can trade in games they no longer play, for a reason. as a gamestop employee for the past 5 years i’ve seen it all, and 95 percent of the time the games that are being traded in are in terible condition, or sports games, which hold little or no value. so the next time u go in with 5 different sports games from 2005 and get less than 6 bucks, remember why you are trading them in in the first place. trade your games when they have special trade in offers, trade them in when thegames are still relitivly new, take advantage of the edge card and look for those trade in towards reserve bonuses. yeah it sux paying 60 bucks for a game and then beating it within a month, but dont sit on it for a year and then expect full value for it back when u can buy it used for half the original cost

  4. Rob, fair enough. However, the fact of the matter remains that Gamestop makes it less likely I’ll even both with a newer game if I can’t call up the store and get the trade-in value. Moreover, of the people who’ve commented, I seriously doubt many of us pay $60 for a game.

  5. I worked for this great gaming empire also, and came to realize all too quickly that while they are business savvy that is still no excuse to cheat and lie to people to get their hard earned money just to be the most profitable in the industry. I believe we have enough companies like that. It is horrible to pay $30 to $60 for a game and have some one tell you because I have a million of these I will give you $3 for it, then sell it for $13. Now is that fair? Thank goodness for places like Craigslist. I sold my games recently on a place call You should check it out. Great Blog by the way.

  6. GameStop only gives good trade in credit/cash on new/popular games and it is actually very good value if you are a regular gamer. Also, that staff was wrong – you are allowed divulge that information over the phone. They also often have offers on such as trade 3 games in get MW2 for €2 which is very good value in my opinion. Used games are more GameStop’s speciality and that is what makes them different from their competitors, I mean, if you are not using your old games at home getting some money off new ones is hardly a bad idea? And think about it – what sense would it make from a business perspective also to give you full value back for the game when some of the games are sold so cheaply as used?

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