SBL New England Regional Meeting

Mandy has already beat me to the punch. Nevertheless, I’m extremely excited about the regional meeting coming up on April 18th. I will have to skip Greek that day, which saddens me a little, but not enough to make me come close to considering not attending. Since Mandy posted her short list for sessions in the morning and afternoon to attend, I figured I’d do the same.

Morning Session

  • “The Limits of Monarchic Power: 1 Samuel 8 as ‘A Mirror for Princes’”
  • “David and Son Adonijah Revisited: Recognizing the Pattern of Failed Fathers”

Afternoon Session

  • “The Literary Sophistication of the Deuteronomistic History”
  • “Navigating ‘Deuteronomistic History’ as Cultural Memory”
  • “Memory, Archaeology and Text: Ben Sira and the Re-imagination of Ancient Israel”

Of these, I’m strongly leaning towards “The Limits of Monarchic Power” for the morning session, but haven’t come to a firm decision yet. The afternoon session is far more difficult. Ben Sira is very attractive, but then so are either of the papers on the Deuteronomistic History. Of course, all I have to go on is the titles. I really wish the document that was sent out had included abstracts.


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