The Other in Second Temple Judaism

This weekend Mandy and I will be attending a conference with Adam and his wife. The conference in question is titled, “The Other in Second Temple Judaism: A Conference in Honor of John J. Collins.” It is being held at Amherst College. I’ve been looking forward to this conference for some time now.

Carol Newsom, of Emory University/Candler School of Theology is giving the keynote entitled “God’s Other: The Intractable Problem of the Gentile King in Israelite and Early Jewish Literature.” I’ve read a few articles by Dr. Newsom on the wisdom literature, and I’m looking forward to hearing her lecture.

I’m also looking forward to hearing Samuel Adams of Union Theological Seminary in Richmond discuss “Poverty and ‘Otherness’ in Second Temple Instructions.” Dr. Adams recently had a book published on Second Temple Instructions, which I’d love to acquire, but won’t be purchasing any time soon.

I’m not sure what panels I’ll be attending for the second morning session, or the afternoon session. Several sound fascinating, but I will have to pick two. If I’m able to find an internet connection at Amherst I may post my thoughts throughout the day, we shall see.


7 thoughts on “The Other in Second Temple Judaism

  1. I am more excited about this than I am the regional SBL.

    If they don’t have wifi set up in that part of the college, we can shoot over to the public library (it is across the street) after lunch, and you could drop a post there.

  2. Art – I don’t know if MA rules, but it certainly has some perks.

    parkersmood – I don’t know if I’m more excited about this than the regional SBL, but it should be a great time. We may have to hop over to the public library. We’ll see.

  3. If I were still living in MA, I would be more excited about this than the SBL regional.

    But, I’d have to say that Philly beats MA any day of the week.

  4. Jim,

    As a native of Ma., I take exception with your comment. Philly doesn’t hold a candle to the glorious splendor that is Ma. ( :

    (maybe that was a bit too much…ummm never mind)

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