Random Updates

Well, to anyone who is still following my blog, it’s been a crazy couple weeks. How I manage to keep a fairly consistent blogging schedule during the semester, and then fail to do so during a summer class is beyond me. Here’s a rundown of what I’ve been doing:

-Relaxing. For the first two weeks after the semester ended I just relaxed, played games, hung out. It was wonderful.
-Mass Effect is quite possibly the best RPG currently available for the Xbox360. Bioware has managed to produce yet another worthwhile RPG. I don’t know if I’ve yet played a game by Bioware that I didn’t like. Maybe I’ll do a review of Mass Effect at some point.
-Movies! I saw Iron Man (very good) and Prince Caspian (good). Mandy and I will probably take in the new Indiana Jones film in the next week or two. We both really want to see it. We also had several students over to our apartment and watched The Count of Monte Christo and The Prestige. Both very good movies.
-Intermediate Greek has been going okay. I have my midterm on Friday. I’ve decided I really dislike summer courses. They are more about a grade and less about learning (not that actual semester courses are much different, but at least there is more opportunity to learn). So far the class has been going okay, though it has confirmed that diagramming alone is enough to make me never want to touch Greek again. The feeling will pass, I’m sure.
-Arc the Lad: Twilight of the Spirits has won out over blogging in the little bit of free time I still possess. I’m looking forward to finally being done with school (two weeks!) so that I can take a breather. I just wanna catch my breath and refocus on Hebrew. It’s been too long since I had a course in Hebrew Bible (Theo. of the Pentateuch doesn’t count. I guess Aramaic partially does, but only partially).


One thought on “Random Updates

  1. Welcome back to the blogosphere…umm sorta. I am glad to hear that your summer has been nice thus far.

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