Blog Meme

Oh, I’ve been tagged friends. Tagged not once, but twice! Both Adam and Kevin have done an incredible job of coming up with post titles that I could see myself writing. I laughed at both of them for a good five minutes. So, here are the rules for this meme.

1. Tag five Biblical studies bloggers.
2. Invent fictional posts that they might have written over the last month.
3. Link to the original meme post at Lingamish.

Earl Barnett at – “I’ve read another book by Alister McGrath, and you should too!”
Art Boulet at finitum non capax infiniti – “How [insert recent happening with the Red Sox] sheds light on Louis Ginzberg’s classic collection Legends of the Jews.”
Dr. George Snyder Jr. at The Rabbi – “I, Jeremiah…”

That, I’m afraid, will have to do. I don’t know any other Biblical studies bloggers who have not already been tagged.


6 thoughts on “Blog Meme

  1. I am glad that I gave you a good five minute laugh. I thought that title would be an appropriate post on your blog

  2. I think I am going to go up to the school sometime next week. I will keep you posted (I have to get a 3rd part time job just to afford the gas to make it up to GCTS ( :

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