The End of Summer

Yesterday I ordered the majority of my textbooks. That means Summer is almost at an end. In a few short weeks I will begin classes. I’m exciting, but there is a certain bittersweet sense as the Summer comes to an end.

Overall my summer has been a good one. I’ve managed to read several books that I had intended to read. I didn’t get through as many books as I had wanted. This is partially due to some work that I ended up picking up (more on that in another post), and partially because I decided to spend time reviewing my Hebrew vocab. I finally feel like I’m making progress there. Beyond this I’ve managed to keep busy with the youth ministry at my church, so the summer has been productive, if not exactly in the ways I had planned.

Of course, in the midst of all of this I have been extremely delinquent in my blogging. To be honest, I just either haven’t had the time to blog, or I’ve decided to spend that time occupied with more relaxing hobbies. However, now that the semester is ready to begin, I’ll be getting back into blogging more consistently.


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