I thought I’d borrow Jay’s use of ellipses for my title today.

Yesterday Mandy and I went into Boston with Adam. We had a blast. Aside from enjoying conversation on a variety of topics, its always fun to go into the city. We ended up near Hanover St. around lunch time, and ate at a little Italian Joint called Bella Vista. I can’t recommend this place enough. If you’re ever around the North End and want to grab some lunch, head on over. The bread was delicious, portion size was generous (more than I could manage to eat, which says something), and the food was excellent. An absolutely fabulous time.

From there we (Adam, as well as Mandy and I) had some errands to run. Somehow we managed to misjudge transit time, and so none of us got everything accomplished that we needed to. As a result, Mandy and I will probably be making another trip into Boston sometime soon. Either way, it was a fun time. Now, if only there was a subway station about five miles closer to our apartment–or the commuter rail wasn’t ridiculously expensive from our zone.


3 thoughts on “Boston…

  1. I just got back from Boston and finished the job. I drove in, found on street (metered) parking and signed up for Darr’s class. Then I decided to see if she was in her office (she was), and we had a nice little chat about what the semester will look like. By the way, it turns out she got her PhD under Crenshaw.

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