Fall 2008 Classes

Well, Mandy has posted her classes for this semester, I guess that means it’s my turn. So, here are my Fall 2008 classes at Gordon-Conwell (and Harvard), along with some thoughts that I have going in to each of them.

Interpreting the New Testament, S. McDonough – This is actually a requirement for my degree. Often times degree requirements at a seminary can seem like a waste of time. However, I’m rather looking forward to this class. It’s basically a hermeneutics/intro to criticism/intro to exegesis course for New Testament studies. At least a class that includes N.T. Wright and Vanhoozer can’t be all bad. I know N.T. Wright is worth reading, and I’ve heard good things about Vanhoozer.

Ugaritic, M. Kline – What could possibly be better than learning a new semitic language? I’m sure I don’t know. The texts for the course are Schniedewind’s primer and Sivan’s grammar. I haven’t been too impressed as I’ve flipped through Sivan, but Schniedewind looks like a really excellent introduction to Ugaritic. I’m quite excited about this class.

Independent Reading in the Hebrew Bible, T. Petter – This is a directed study that I’m doing with Dr. Petter. He and I discussed my desire for a challenging Hebrew language course over the summer. As a result, I’m reading (translating) all of Qohelet, in addition to Proverbs 1-9 and the first cycle in Job (3-14). There’ll be a mid-term and a final. I also have just shy of 1000 pages of reading to do (in English) on Hebrew poetry. I’m really looking forward to sinking my teeth into these books and reading them in Hebrew. It should be a blast.

Textual Criticism of the Hebrew Bible: Seminar, R. Saley (Harvard) – By far this is the class I’m most looking forward to. It starts a week later than my GCTS classes, so I have a while yet to continue my anxious anticipation. Textual Criticism is one area in which I’m interested and would like to experiment. This class should, hopefully, provide plenty of opportunity for learning the ropes.

So, all the GCTS classes start the week of the 7th, while Harvard doesn’t start until the week of the 14th. Here’s to an exciting semester!


4 thoughts on “Fall 2008 Classes

  1. You’ll have to tell me what you think of NTPG. I really enjoyed the second volume in that series by Wright that I had to read for my Life of Jesus semlink.

  2. Jay – Yeah, GCTS does have some required courses for the MA. In fairness, there aren’t a ton of them, but they do exist. I’d much rather roll my own with the help of an advisor.

    I’m sure I’ll post my impressions of Wright’s book, among others, as the semester progresses.

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