Immerse Journal

If you are a youth worker and you don’t have a subscription to Immerse Journal, you need to get one as soon as possible. Immerse is a truly top notch periodical for youth ministry. It’s not even that expensive. Surviving on a youth pastors salary can be tough, I know. If you can’t afford their–extremely fair–rates, then see about having your church foot the bill for a subscription or two, and pass it around to all of your adult volunteers.

One of the things I appreciate most about Immerse is that it takes youth ministry seriously. It also takes theology seriously. I’m constantly encouraged and challenged as I read Immerse because the writers know that youth ministry is far from simple. I read a variety of youth ministry resources and sometimes I’m still amazed at the oversimplicity of those resources. At other times I’m frustrated by a same-old, same-old approach. That isn’t the case with Immerse. It consistently challenges me to think deeply about my ministry and my students.

The current issue (Nov-Dec) is full of helpful articles from the likes of Kara Powell, Mark Yaconelli, Andy Root, Michael Novelli and Tony Jones. You’d be hard pressed to find a lineup that would make me more excited (well, you could add Kenda Creasy Dean). I can’t even begin to say enough things about the excellent articles in Immerse.

Finally, one of the most helpful things about Immerse Journal is that it doesn’t end with the print publication. You can visit to read electronic articles interacting with (and sometimes disagreeing with parts of)the articles in the print publication. This interaction makes reading Immerse feel a great deal like entering into a dialog with the greater youth ministry community.


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