New Slant33

If you don’t follow Slant 33, you really should. The most recent slant focuses on practical things we can do to make sure that our youth ministries don’t end up as isolation chambers for teens.

All three opinions are helpful, though I found both D. Scott Miller’s and Jeremy Zach‘s the most helpful.

Making sure our ministries don’t end up as isolation chambers is a difficult road. Sometimes students want to be isolated. Sometimes adults want students to be isolated. Sometimes it’s just plain easier for us to continue that particular stereotype of youth ministry. But in the long run it is far healthier for the individuals in our ministries and the churches we are a part of if students are seen as full members of the Body.

I’m very excited to see so many other youth workers willing to confront the difficulties of helping to change the way we do youth ministry and thereby allow students to be fully part of the Church. I’ve gotten a great deal of first hand experience over the last year, and it isn’t easy. In fact, this may be among the most difficult and slow tasks I’ve ever felt compelled to undertake in youth ministry. But I’m also convinced it’s one of the most important.


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