…and we’re back

It has been quite a while since my most recent update. Life has been busy.

For starters, there has been learning how to be a parent. It’s been a bit of a ride, and I love my son immensely. But spending time playing with him does cut into blogging time. Being up in the wee hours impedes my ability to put together cogent posts. It’s all good, but it means that blogging has been beyond slow. You can expect a return to more regular blogging in the coming weeks (I hope). Fair warning, I have an unhealthily busy July, so don’t expect anything then.

In terms of ministry the past several months of been beyond busy. We took students on an intergenerational mission trip the Tuscaloosa Alabama. It went phenomenally well, and other students are already clamouring for a repeat of the trip next year. We went on a retreat with several high school students that went well and was a great time of connecting with God and simply resting. We also hired two summer interns that have just recently begun working with us. That’s to say nothing of the regular lessons, meetings and events (e.g., our senior banquet) that have come and gone. It has been a busy several months, and the next several look to be even more so.

Summer is a time when, typically, youth ministry speeds up. But in many ways I wonder what would happen if we did the opposite. What if, instead of more events, more program, more trips and more doing, we simply opened the church doors and said “come, join us.” Or, perhaps event better, what if we met in coffee shops and parks and just spent time being together. I honestly believe we’d do better ministry, even if our students (and, dare I say, parents) might complain at first about a lack of things to do. In our increasingly consumer-oriented and attention-deficit culture it’s far too easy for us to think that our job is to keep kids’ attention. But our job is far more important–it’s to direct teens’ attention away from ourselves and our programs–perhaps even away from their friends–and to Jesus.


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