Of Chick-Fil-A and Boycotts

I’ve tried to keep my mouth shut about this whole CFA thing. I’ll probably regret this post in a few days, but–as the students in my youth group tell me–you only live once. Which is apparently code for, “I’m about to do something incredibly stupid but I’m going to do it anyway…”

Fair disclaimer, I’m a huge fan of Chick-Fil-A. I’ve known for some time that CFA is owned and operated by some very conservative individuals. Those individuals are, as far as I am concerned, entitled to their opinions, no matter how I may disagree with them. So, first let’s tackle the conservative response.

Some people get upset about comments made by the family that owns CFA, and the conservative wing of Christianity runs to their rescue. Making it look like we think the biggest issue on the planet is preventing homosexuals from getting married. Because, you know, after genocide, robbery, empire building, etc homosexuals getting married is going to be the thing that tips the scales and makes God destroy us? All conservatives succeeded in doing was driving a further wedge between Christians and the homosexual community. It was a stupid move.

Not that the liberal side is any better. They’ve decided they won’t eat at CFA because of comments made by the owners to the effect that homosexuals shouldn’t be able to marry one another. Last I checked the countries we get our oil from were killing homosexuals. But my liberal friends aren’t about to stop buying gas. This just makes them look like hypocrits. They like a protest of convenience, but it’s hard to see where they are being principled. When they stop buying Apple products, stop wearing shoes made in sweatshops, and stop purchasing gasoline for their vehicles, then we can talk.

So, both sides are at fault. Both sides are injuring one another by their actions, and both sides continue to be unable to talk to one another because both refuse to allow that their position might not be 100% correct. The solution? I’d say it’s to place Jesus at the center, but both sides think they’re doing that. I’d say it’s to love, but the conservatives say they’re loving God (while deeply wounding their Christian brothers and sisters) and the liberals say they’re loving homosexuals (well, US homosexuals anyway, the ones being killed in OPEC countries don’t count, I guess). So maybe the solution is that we need to all stop being so self-righteous and instead get over ourselves. Supporting CFA is a dumb move, boycotting CFA–while still purchasing gas, sweatshop shoes, and various other products that exploit people–is an equally dumb move.

The ironic thing is that in a couple months most people will have forgotten about all this. I don’t agree with Cathy’s comments and I wasn’t out buying CFA yesterday. My conservative friends can be mad at me. However, I’ll stop buying CFA when my liberal friends stop buying gas, and those friends can be mad at me too.


3 thoughts on “Of Chick-Fil-A and Boycotts

  1. I agree with what you say for the most part. The only thing I will add is that you easily call the liberals hypocrites. What about the conservatives who were in line yesterday who fornicated outside of marriage? Isn’t it hypocritical to stand against gay marriage but not against sex outside of marriage? I’m a Christian since age 12, by the way.

  2. You have a lot of friends mad at you :-). Seriously though, all good points. I’ve never been a fan of protesting. I’ve also never had CFA. Honestly, I don’t even know what Cathy the owner said.

    What I do know, is nothing substantial will come from these kinds of protests (except ridiculously silly profits for CFA for one day.) It’s a bit sad when we use grandstanding events like this to showcase our righteousness (both sides are doing it). When are Christians going to see the Woman at the well, and act like Jesus did. This woman brought up racial, sexist, and religious issues for Jesus to deal with… he basically ignored her questions and said “If you knew who I was, these things wouldn’t even be an afterthought.”

    We need Christ to reign in our lives, and somehow I don’t see how eating CFA, or protesting CFA, brings Christ the Glory.

  3. Calvin, I love you brother BECAUSE you speak your opinion, not because I necessarily always agree 😉 I’ve been vocal in my support of Chick-fil-A more for the cause of ‘free speech’ and ‘freedom of religious expression’ than over ‘support for traditional marriage’. No one is going to be convinced to change either viewpoint of the homosexual issue by some call out the support effort or boycott. What I found most troublesome is how the media immediately charaterized Dan Cathy and Chick-fil-A as ‘hateful’, ‘homophobic’ ‘descriminatory’, etc (all their words) for simply stating his personal belief. This kind of liberal bias in the media, without a clear response from the evangelical community, will lead very quickly to ‘hate speech’ type legislation that will make it illegal for us to preach from our pulpits the truth from Romans 1 and other texts regarding the sin of homsexuality.

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