This is a list of my formal publications and papers, as of October 2014.

  • “Sabbath and Play” (May/June 2013), YouthWorker Journal
  • “Double Entendre in Proverbs 1” (May/June 2012), Bible Study Magazine
  • “Cutting a Covenant” (March/April 2012), Bible Study Magazine
  • “Radiance, Lightning and Veil: The Grammar and Habakkuk 3.4” (March 2011), Mid-Atlantic Regional Society of Biblical Literature Meeting, New Brunswick, NJ.
  • With Carol A. Park, “Plângerile în Vechiul Testament” (Lament in the Old Testament) (October 2010), Creştinul Azi
  • “Does the Subject Come First?: Applying Robert Holmstedt’s Theory of Word Order to Judges 19-21” (April 2010), New England Regional Society of Biblical Literature Meeting, Newton, MA.
  • Teaching Students the Torah published on
  • Voices of the Virtual World chapter #29, “Using the Machine”

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