Mondays are hard

and this Monday is especially so. I had a sleepless night last night (which is an interesting English idiom with a varied range of semantic meanings. It could be taken literally as “I did not sleep at all last night” or it could have a slightly more loose meaning, as in “I sleep no more than ten minute at a time,” still others may use it to mean “I sleep fitfully” by which they mean they slept off and on but didn’t sleep well). I’m tired this morning, and have already had four cups (that is to say, four mug-fulls) of coffee and am going to be working on my fifth in about ten minutes. Given, this isn’t a lot for some people – but I normally only have two a day, if that.

I’m tired. We started verbs this morning in Greek and I think I did the homework correctly – but who knows? Sleeplessness can do that to you. It’s not a huge deal as the homework isn’t graded so much on correctness as much as that you attempted to do it and didn’t get everything wrong. We have Exam #2 next Monday. I feel like I should be more stressed about that.

We’re talking about the Reformation in History of Liturgy tonight, which would normally be exciting, except I don’t know how I’m going to stay awake, even with a huge mug of coffee.

Monday’s are normally already hard because I have an early class, Mandy has a morning and afternoon class, and then I have an evening class. So I don’t get to see my best friend all day. It’s a drag. But, on the upside being sleep-deprived and functioning on caffeine intake has made me strangely productive. I’ve finished a report outline for our team presentation in Anthropology next week, taken care of my Greek homework, found time to blog, and worked a little more on my Exegesis paper (which I hope to post about, along with some thoughts on another paper I’m working on, sometime this week…but, don’t hold your breath). Now it’s time to go take another hit from the coffee pot and start working on Greek and Hebrew vocab.