Converting to Orthodoxy

I’m not!

However, one of the students in my youth ministry is. I find the whole thing quite interesting. As long-time readers will remember, I took a class in the History of Liturgy last Fall, and it was an absolutely wonderful experience. I learned a ton, and it was basically all new information. One of the books we were required to read was For the Life of the World by Alexander Schmemann.

What I find rather interesting as I watch this young man walk through the process of joining the Orthodox Church is that he is owning his faith in new ways. It’s probably one of the most important steps in life when you begin to own your own faith/belief system/values/worldview. For me, this took the form of learning more about the Bible, learning Biblical languages, and eventually becoming what my family would term more “theologically liberal,” (the fact that I’m excited for this young man’s decision to convert to Orthodoxy rather than condemning it is a prime example). However, this is doubly interesting for me because at this point I’m watching someone own their faith, but that ownership is taking an extremely different path from my own. It’s a learning experience for me, as much as for him as he begins this journey.