I’m honestly not sure what to say about this. Perhaps this is more evidence of me being a moderate evangelical. Check out the video at the link about.

I think that Shane (final guy to talk), brings up some excellent points. On the other hand, Chuck’s assertion in the last minute that Christians really aren’t homophobic is just…wow. I’m not sure how he can say that. Obviously, I think he’s wrong. But that he could say that, in all seriousness, is just beyond me. I’m still reeling.


Homosexuality and Christianity

Scot Mcknight has been having an incredible series of posts on his blog about “ex-gays.” It’s a truly excellent conversation. Recently, a reader shared his story. I think that this anonymous reader has some great things to say, and his idea of love is exactly what we, as Christians, need to have. I found many of his thoughts truly insightful, and I’ll be watching the comments on Scot’s blog to see how the conversation progresses.